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by  on Mar 19, 2013

640 x 360 YouTube Player User Interface Free PSD Download

Hey guys,

In the past when I have been designing websites for clients and they sometimes ask to see what a video would look like within the design, I would usually take a screenshot of a video and place it into the design layout. Job done right? Nope… sometimes I get a bit carried away. I always have the erge to design everything to fit with the brand rather than a random sceenshots from the the gangnam style video.

Because of thos I decided to create the youtube player from scratch. I thought this would be a quick job but again… I got carried away. I have created all the icons, tool tips, advert elements, embed version and different dimensions for the youtube player. Once I finished making it I then realised that I will barely use this file, so I hope all you creatives out there can have fun with it.

The benefit I got out of it was I realised how important each icon is and how important hover states and tool tips are. I have grown to love the Google UI and now appriciate the flat design trends that have emerged this year. Let me know your thoughts on the PSD and let me know if it has helped you.

Package includes:

  • 4 x PSDs
  • 3 x PNG Masks
  • Player Tooltips / Advert frames / Player Icons



advert_YouTube_Player_User_Interface_Free_PSD_Download     skip_YouTube_Player_User_Interface_Free_PSD_Download     tooltip_YouTube_Player_User_Interface_Free_PSD_Download



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